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Stand de vendas

Kora Angola has Customer Service stands located in the provinces where housing projects are being developed.
We intend to facilitate the relationship with customers and offer best service conditions, with comfort and technology.
We continuously train our Customer Service teams in order to achieve excellent customer service.
We aim to exceed our customers' expectations and pay attention to details.


  • Huambo Stand– Rua Massano de Amorim, nº 10 – Cidade Alta (Commercialization Concluded)
  • Quilomoço Stand– Access road to the centrality (Commercialization Concluded)
  • Kuito's Stand – Access road to the centrality (Commercialization Concluded)
  • Stand of Sumbe – Quibaúla Centrality, block 14, Door 21(Commercialization).

Personalized Service

We have a team of specialists with extensive experience and expertise in the commercialization of properties, supported by a solid sales structure, installed in the provinces where the commercialization of the Horizonte Centralities projects takes place.

During the centralities commercialization process, we have available Sales Stand, a Model House, a Customer Support Office and a Call Center.

Opening Hours

Personal Assistance

Monday to Friday | 8 am to 6 pm | continuous period

Telephonic Assistance

Every day | 24h