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Residential Buildings


By definition, housing is the place where human beings live.

The need to provide affordable accessibility to the community to which he belongs, combined with surrounding urban context, generates the need to evaluate and implement different and alternative concepts.

Kora has been implementing and developing several housing building concepts.

Apartment Buildings



Incremental House

Constructive technical solutions

Despite its large experience, Kora is always attentive to evaluate and validate innovative technologies made available by the market.

Kora seeks to identify and adopt construction technologies that best suit each project, considering:

  • Lower Cost
  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Industrialization
  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Local workers
  • Requested equipment


Kora has the necessary expertise and experience in the construction of residential buildings with prefabricated panels in BCA (Autoclaved Cellular Concrete). It is a high-speed construction technology, combined with industrialized processes suitable for mass construction projects.


Kora has used several times construction using conventional technologies, reinforced concrete structure in situ and masonry walls in situations that prove to be adequate.


Kora has already experimented housing construction with LSF (Light Steel Framing). It is a constructive system, in which steel is the main material of the building's structure. The parts are manufactured from molding galvanized steel sheet with low thickness, resulting in low weight.


BTC (Compacted Earth Blocks) - blocks obtained by mixing earth, water and cement, which, after compression and curing, can be used in construction. Kora, in Angola, has already used this material. It is an economically and environmentally sustainable solution, especially in developing countries, where it is customary to cook bricks, reducing deforestation.