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Urban Infrastructures

Kora promotes construction of infrastructures that aim to ensure functioning of the Centralities, integrating residential, commercial and leisure areas according to the needs, with maintenance specificities privileging raw materials and materials from national sustainable and environmental industries.

As examples, road networks, water and energy supply or telecommunications networks, domestic wastewater drainage and rainwater drainage networks, and landscape are in accordance with urban and natural integration.

Execution of these works includes complete cycles of the project's life. From technical-financial studies, to prospecting and characterization tests of soils, both prior to the preparation of technical projects and during the construction process. Important to mention the possibility of maintenance and infrastructure management operations, depending on the nature or needs in the locations where these projects are implemented.

Electricity Distribution

Drinking Water Distribution

Wastewater Drainage

Rainwater Drainage

Street Lighting

Road and Pedestrian Network

Car Parking

Landscaping and Leisure Areas